Sea Vegetable Alginate Promotes Weightloss – Combats Obesity

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Previous studies have shown that a fiber-rich diet makes it simpler to maintain weight, and today a new PhD undertaking shows that dietary fibers from sea vegetables, the alginates, are fantastic at creating an artificial feeling of fullness in the stomach. Over a three-year period, researchers studied the effect of consuming varying alginate doses. They are able to show that the healthy people who ingested alginates and were also permitted eat as much as they wanted felt far less hungry and ate less than the people not drinking fiber drinks with alginates. Gel fills up the stomach. The 12-week study of 96 males and females, 48 subjects drank a specially designed beverage with alginates three times daily just before each major course as a complement to an calorie reduced diet. The alternative 48 subjects consumed a placebo beverage containing no alginates. Of the 80 subjects who finished the study those attained a far greater weight loss with alginate treatment than those drinking a similar drink with no alginates. On average, the participants in the sea vegetable fiber drink group lost 1.7 kg more than those in the placebo group.

According to the researchers, this weight loss is principally due to a reduction in body fat percentage. A conceivable rationalization of the is that the alginates form a gel in the stomach which strengthens the gastrointestinal satiety signals to the brain because the gel takes up space in the stomach. The overweight subjects for that reason ate less than normal. The growing obesity epidemic requires research and the development of new dietary measures to offset the easy 24/7 access to massive quantities of calorie dense food. Eating more than you burn results in a body energy imbalance, which might result in weight gain in the long term. For this reason it is imperative that new dietary actions improve appetite control and limit our food consumption. The researchers hope that the investigation findings may pave the way for new treatment options for the overweight. Researchers have developed the special sea vegetable fibre drink with alginates which the subjects drank. No such fiber drink is as yet available on the market.


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