Seaweed Cuts Fat Digestion By 75% – Aids In Weight loss

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A group at Newcastle University are putting seaweed fiber in bread to discover if they can create food products that help you lose weight while you eat them. A group of researchers have found that dietary fiber in one of the world’s most popular commercially-used seaweed could decrease the amount of fat absorbed by the body by about 75 per cent. The Newcastle University team discovered that alginate, a natural fiber present in sea kelp, prevents the body from absorbing fat better than most anti-obesity therapies currently accessible over the counter. “The aim of this research was to put these items to the test and our preliminary findings are that alginates significantly cut down fat digestion,” explains Dr Brownlee. “This implies that if we can add the natural fiber to goods normally consumed daily, such as bread and yogurts, up to seventy five percent of the fat in that meal could simply pass through the body. “We’ve already added the alginate to bread and preliminary taste tests have been extremely favorable.
Alginates are already commonly used at a very low level in lots of foods as thickeners and stabilisers. “Obesity is an ever-growing dilemma and quite a few people find it to follow diet and exercise plans as a way to lose weight, ” explained Dr Brownlee.

Alginates not only have great potential for weight management, including them in food also has the added benefit of increasing overall fiber . Fiber consists of a wide range of various molecules called polysaccharides even though it is not digested by the human gut, it both directly and indirectly impacts a number of bodily processes.


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