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Seaweed health benefits are undeniable. Scientists have repeatedly proven that phytonutrients present in seaweed are capable of producing a number of positive health outcomes when ingested DAILY by humans. Super Sea Veg®, 100% VEGETABLE, seaweed nutrition supplement, can help you reap the benefits of seaweed health with a minimum of fuss. Just take a capsule, and you’re done for the day. It’s a Salad of the Sea™ containing 12 different species of whole sea plants from around the world. It’s the UNvitamin®.

The dirty secret of the industrial, artificial nutritional supplements industry is that the majority of what goes into the average over-the-counter “vitamin” is synthetic and has no food value. If you supplement with drug-store supplements, all you’re doing is filling your body with a trace amount of dead, artificial chemicals. These pills and powders have no connection whatsoever to the natural world. You feel better just knowing you’re taking them, but do they feed you what you’re missing in your diet? Are you missing yellow synthetic powders?

Then we see these new liquid dietary supplements sold by MLM’ers who want to get financially independent off you buying something made of 99% filtered tap water, and telling you it contains a special extract from a berry in a distant forest somewhere, and that is sure to heal all your ills. Meanwhile your friend, brother or sister ask no real biological questions of their “upline” and get no answers, except all the dough they are going to make off your purchase!

Well, the Japanese people live the longest and are the healthiest in the world. In fact, the Japanese men who smoke live longer than American men who do not smoke. Are they eating those diluted berry extracts? Nope. They eat whole food, like God intended. Seaweed (7 grams a day), fish (fish eat seaweed), and rice and soy and other veggies.

Humanity was thriving long before the advent of artificial supplements. Why? Because all the substances required for human health are present in the environment, in natural substances. Super Sea Veg®, the UNVitamin, is specially designed to enable you to take advantage of the health benefits in seaweed, a naturally-occurring and powerful Family of Plants that has helped to sustain healthy Human life on Earth since the dawn of Time. seaweed health benefits are ancient, safe, and highly effective.

Scientists have isolated a number of different compounds present in seaweed, which help explain its remarkable ability to promote healthy human bodies. One of these compounds is Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide, which, recent research shows, has the ability to destroy cancer cells. This anti-carcinogenic seaweed health benefit is particularly crucial in today’s toxin-packed environment, where even seemingly wholesome fruits and vegetables are grown with the assistance of toxic chemicals and pesticides. If you’re unsure of your body’s state of well-being, use Super Sea Veg® to counteract the harmful effects of our polluted environment, and live a long, fruitful life, thanks to the myriad of seaweed health benefits.

In addition to Fucoidan, Super Sea Veg® contains hundreds of beneficial phytochemicals, none of which can be synthesized by pharmaceutical companies. Unlike artificial supplements, Super Sea Veg® ‘s unique seaweed health formulation contains the perfect combination of vital nutrients to ensure that your systems lacks none of the substances it needs. Nature is the best pharmacist, and the makers of Super Sea Veg® recognize this. Super Sea Veg® contains a proprietary blend of twelve different types of seaweeds from pristine waters around the world.

Seaweed health benefits can do a great deal more for your body than simply prevent it from developing cancer. Seaweed health supplements from Super Sea Veg® can help repair damaged blood vessels, promote weight loss, boost metabolism, block cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins from the bloodstream.

Truly, nature is the best medicine. Order Super Sea Veg®, the UNvitamin, and experience the wonderful seaweed health benefits it provides for you. Remember, people throughout history, that ingest sea plants every single day, live longer and healthier that those who don’t. Isn’t this the best reason to take a dietary supplement each day? Well the Unvitamin®, Super Sea Veg® is your answer, because it is the definitive twelve different seaweeds, 100% vegetable and your body will recognize it! You cells are breathing under salt water right now. We are salt water beings, and 76% of the world’s oxygen comes out of sea plants. Your body will recognize this powerful supplement, just as it does Oxygen.

Take the 90 day Challenge, as FarmaSea® Health as a 90 day money back guarantee. Try it, you’ll like it!~

Super Sea Veg® is a provider of seaweed supplements, which promote superior bio-logical health. Because it’s logical to feed your biology, whole food supplements.


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