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Strive for a Healthier You with Whole Food Nutritional Supplements by FarmaSea®

We all know that we and our families are not receiving all the nutrients our body needs on a daily basis, so taking nutritional supplements is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family stay healthy. However, this doesn’t mean we should use just any kind of supplement. It’s important to know if our supplements are really effective, that they are whole and organic, and won’t cause more harm than good.

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Noelle C. Stanley BA, CHNE

Nutrition Consultant/Wellness Coach




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Super Sea Veg® by FarmaSea® is the new UNvitamin®.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The more you know about nutrition, the better Super Sea Veg® looks! The less you know, the better Flintstones and mainstream synthetic multiples look.

Knowledge is power, so take charge of your health and your family’s health and join the millions of people in America who insure their health by feeding their blood these powerfully whole, Multi-Nutritional supplements every single day. Sending a check to an insurance company DOES NOT ENSURE THE HEALTH OF YOUR CELLS! Remember, The Power is in the Blood!


Our 100% vegetable Multi-Nutritional™, dietary WHOLE FOOD supplements, contain twelve edible species (chosen from over 10,000) of whole red, brown, and green sea plants harvested and imported from pristine oceans in Asia, Iceland, France, and Ireland, with the help of Dr. Stefan Kraan, Ph.D. Marine Botany. Take these health supplements every day and you’ll have an inner ocean – pH balanced and clean! Other vegan supplements can’t match Super Sea Veg®, and don’t be fooled by look-alike knock-offs. We import by the ton, otherwise your price would be much higher. If you see lower priced sea vegetable supplements, there WILL be a hidden “catch,” so beware! I have devoted 28 years of my life to this mission: To bring the most powerful nutrition on Earth to my family, my loyal and healthy clients, and to spread the word to the struggling masses! Watch out for imposters who make expensive bottles of water, containing eye-droppers of extracts, then they create expensive packaging, and make down-line bonuses their top priorities. Stay clear of mainstream “vitamins” which all contain a few synthetic, isolated compounds, which are made by 8 different drug companies. My number one priority is consistently creating the most powerful dietary FOOD pill in history, with The FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants.

We go to Great Depths for Your Health® – Scott Kennedy President FarmaSea®


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Dear MR Kennedy, On about 12.20.2011 I had my testosterone checked at OHSU in Oregon the results where 115. I received the sea veg on 2-11-11 at 6:33pm. I took 3 capsules twice a day after that. On about 3.9.2011, I had it tested at a legacy urologist and the test results come back at 209 This is great news for me and a blessing! –God Bless, James

The chondrosarcoma tumor was first diagnosed in 2002 so it had a lot of time to slowly grow before John started on the Sea Veg. It is now shrinking and we are hopeful to keep it shrinking thanks to Sea Veg! And the good Lord!! –Thanks again, Lee Ann

I found instant help the first day I took it. I have serious not-sleeping problems. The doctor gave me a prescription that did nothing more then give me a severe headache. I told my sister about the product and she got a bottle and had the same response that I did. The very first night she had amazing results. She slept a whole night through and felt rested for the first time in years. –Mary V

My black Lab is jumping around as if he was a puppy again–Larry, Prescott

My dog got into the bag of Sea Veggy Tails® and ate the whole thing–Mike, Boston

My dog eats like to eat his dry food again after I sprinkle the (SVT) powder on it–Randy, Austin, TX

My dog always eats around the other pet supplements I've given her. Now, when the Sea Veggy Tails® is on it, she not only eats all her food, but she licks the bowl.–Jenny, AZ

For years our older dog has been lazy and just lies around, but now she wants to play with toys again!–Lilly, Hollywood, CA

She waits for me impatiently to add the powder, and then licks the bowl each day. She has never done this before–Janet, AZ

I need two more bags of the Sea Veggy Tails® because my dog won't eat his food now, without the Sea Veggy Tails on it–Justin, Ca

My mother said, it has helped her with restless leg problems. My Dad said it has helped prevent him from having sinus problems and colds, which he always gets this time of year. They take seven capsules every day.–Barbara, CA

As good as I was in high school cross country and track and field, there was always asthma standing in my way. At the end of each of my races, I would fall to ground; gasping for breath and feeling like my lungs were closing up on me. Sea Veg is by far the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I had gone to State Championships for 3 years before Sea Veg, but I had never placed under 54. This year I placed 31st! I believe that my life will be so much more different and all for the better from here on out, because of the Sea Veg.–Jessica, Buffalo.

Sea Veg gives my body a high level of energy, and I no longer find myself fading in the middle of the day. What’s really great is now I want to get out and expend all this extra energy like taking a walk or going swimming. These activities no longer sound like a fate worse than death to me. It’s great to be on good terms with myself again. Bless you Scott so much, for the great supplement!–Jean, 55 New Jersey

I started taking Sea Veg and within months the numbness in my feet was limited to my toes only and the numbness in my hands was limited to my pinky finger in my left hand. I no longer gagged with every other breath I took and my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) was completely gone. In addition without even noticing it I had lost thirty pounds in a year.–Richard, NY

I began giving my two cats the Sea Veggy Tails a week ago. Their fur is much silkier and they are much more playful. I mix it with water and put it on their food, they seem to love it and their health is benefitting them. SeaVeg is an amazing product! Thank you Scott K. for bringing such an awesome supplement to the market. I plan on taking it as long as I am on this planet.–Lilly, FL

I have been giving my chickens Sea Veg for 2 months. I had a chicken disappear and 6 days later I found her stuck under a hay bale. She had lost a lot of weight. As soon as I got her out she started drinking water and eating. Now, her comb is bright red and she is back to her normal weight and laying eggs! The more red their comb is, the more healthy they are. Their yolks are much brighter yellow, and they are laying without missing a day.–Susan, AR

Although Scott said it can take weeks for some people to feel the effects of Sea Veg, I was energized in just a few days. It only got better after that. This wasn't a coffee-type “high”, but rather a general feeling of mental and physical stamina and good health.–Margaret, MA

Now after 6 months or so on Sea Veg, my hair (according to my hairdresser) is much softer and shinier, my skin (according to me) is less dry an less creased, and my energy level is miles beyond where I was before taking Sea Veg.–Laurie, CT

We ran out of the Sea Veg and we were without it for 5 days. I felt like a "junkie" and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Since my first email to you June 28, something has kicked in and I'm feeling exceptional.–Jim, 55 CA

I finally got my 87 year old father-in-law on the Sea Veg. After just 30 days he is noticing a difference. Now I've convinced my brother (a pastor) to order also. My dogs even get their Sea Veg in the morning too. Now if I could just shed this last 15 lbs. I believe that God led us to Scott Kennedy.–Marie, NM

The average lifespan for ALS is 3-5 years. It has been over 4 years and my husband's progression is still very slow. His ALS doctor is amazed at how well he is doing. We truly believe that Sea Veg is the reason for his slow progression.–Jackie, CA

Our canine "Vadar" is going to be 13 this year so I sent away to give your Sea Veggy Tails a try. Before this, Vadar could not jump in the car without our assistance and was looking like he had enough of this life. It came to the point that I asked his vet if he makes house calls for that dreadful shot. But then, I thought "no way!" Vadar is on Sea Veggy Tails now and he jumps in the car on his own like he did 7 years ago, and he's starting to play, and his tail is wagging again, acting like a lab should.–Carolyn, MA

I weighed 410 pounds 18 months ago. I am a 40 year old male. I started taking 9 capsules a day of Sea-Veg. After about 2 weeks, I started noticing changes in my body – feelings of more emotional control, being “full” sooner at the dining table, more energy during the day, and the amazing thing was that I was craving different kinds of food. I noticed a slight drop in my weight in the first week, which I wrote off to the stress I was feeling. Then came the really radical changes. On about the third or fourth week of taking Sea-Veg regularly, my body took over and started eliminating its water soluble poisons. I began craving water and other fluids constantly. The reaction was so dramatic but it didn't affect my well-being. My weight loss accelerated and starting in October of 2003, I lost over 20 pounds a month without exercising or dieting! I now weigh 225.–Woody, 40. March 2005

I started taking the Sea Veg after Scott Kennedy held a training class at my telemarketing job. Within 2 weeks my skin was changing, not just the eczema receding, but my facial skin was softer and clearer, and people were noticing. I've lost weight and inches too. What pill does that?–Patricia, 55 AZ


Featured FarmaSea® Multimedia News Links

Quinlan’s Testimonial (2 min)

Tony Barrett speaks from the National University of Ireland, in Galway, on harvesting the FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants (6 min)

Featured VideoFeatured Video

Scott and Sarah 2 min

Scott Kennedy speaks on the mainstream vitamin industry. Interviewed by Kevin Trudeau – 2006 (11 min)

Noelle C. Stanley BA CHNE Nutrition Consultant/Wellness Coach Mybodybalanced.comNoelle C. Stanley BA CHNE Nutrition Consultant/Wellness Coach Mybodybalanced.com

Noelle C. Stanley BA, CHNE (11 min) Nutrition Consultant/Wellness Coach Mybodybalanced.com

Scott explains why Sea Veg® is the UNvitamin® 3 min

Introducing Dr. Stefan Kraan Ph.D. Marine Botany Dr Stefan Kraan discusses Super Sea Veg® and Sea Plants in this video. Dr. Kraan is the world’s foremost expert in sea plants and their benefits in human nutrition. He and Scott Kennedy have spent decades of research and development, in creating the most powerful dietary FOOD supplement that would provide people all the necessary WHOLE FOOD elements needed daily to assist the cells in moving toward their genetically pre-programmed capability of achieving homeostasis (perfect and balanced health). Dr Stefan Kraan and Scott Kennedy developed Super Sea Veg® together. (3 min)

Seaweed RediscoveredSeaweed Rediscovered

Seaweed Rediscovered (8 min)






more video testimonials here...Video Testimonials
Woody lost 190 lbs!Woody lost 190 lbs!

My name is Woody Woodson. I have been taking sea vegetation since 1995, when Scott Kennedy spoke of the value of nutrition from the sea on Las Vegas radio. I work as a teacher and in the radio business in Southern California. I got a real education as a board operator for three years on talk radio here. Infomercials and live programs with innovative doctors have educated me to making sensible choices about my health. (8 min) Read More of Woody’s Testimonial

Cinthia Van AlstCinthia Van Alst


Quinlan and Catarina on the BeachQuinlan and Catarina on the Beach







80 Minute Powerful Documentary Lloyd Bridges, Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, Jacques Cousteau, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin Rod Steiger and many more leading actors, lend their voices to this jaw-dropping expose’ of the American Dream.  Please watch in one sitting if you can. For the whole family. Very important message. True Conservatives protect the place where they and their children live, and respect the environment. The Conservative Imposters talk about it while they rape and pollute the land for profit, domestically and globally.  Can you discern the truth?  This may help. NOTE: This documentary was taken down after 2 airings (9 were scheduled on HBO) in 1989. I was able to get a VHS copy, and we converted it to a DVD. This is why the quality is VHS-like. This documentary is only available as a bootleg disk converted from VHS. After viewing it, you’ll realize why it disappeared from airings and distribution more than 23 years ago.

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